Foods that boost metabolism

Not all foods increase your chances of putting on weight. There are certain foods that boost metabolism - and drinks too. Read on to find out how you can lose serious weight by changing over to these foods.

How Does Metabolism-boosting food work?

A process called thermogenesis is one way that foods increase the amount of energy your body burns. Thermogenesis is a process accepted by all physicians and scientists which describes how your body temperature increases after eating certain foods.

This is a perfectly safe and normal reaction to specific foods. If you've ever felt hot after eating a dish with plenty cayenne (chili) pepper in it, you'll know how this works. However the effects aren't just caused by foods which are incredibly spicy. You won't even notice thermogenesis in most cases.

Foods that boost metabolism through thermogenesis include:
Green Tea
Cayenne Pepper (Chili)

Is Thermogenesis good for your body?

Yes, thermogenesis is safe, and according to research which is often referred to in the International Journal of Obesity: "...stimulation of thermogenesis could be of value in assisting the management of obesity." Click here to read a summary of this research

How effective is it?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study I mentioned above, consuming green tea 3 times per day will burn approx 80 cals per day more than not drinking it. This translates to roughly 29,000 calories per year, which will leave approximately 8lbs lighter without changing anything else - if you're on a weight loss program, and add green tea, that's 8 extra pounds you lose for FREE!

You can probably see therefore why I believe everyone should drink green tea.

If you're gaining weight, green tea will slow down the weight gain.

If you're losing weight, green tea will increase the results.

In short: Green tea is a miracle drink.

And if you want to know how to increase those 8lbs to nearly 50lbs per year just by changing what you drink - read on. It's all below!

Action Points:

1. Replace sodas with unsweetened green tea as your "snack drink"- If you don't like the taste at first, get over it! Either that, or click here to try my favorite Green Tea product - one of the nicest foods that boost metabolism, which can be drunk hot or cold, tastes far better, and is also available in a very palatable regular flavour or raspberry, peach or lemon flavours.

What do you gain from drinking Green Tea?

The Calorie saving from replacing 4 cokes with 4 green teas per day is 468 cals, and the the metabolism boost from the green tea is 80 cals.

If you do this every day, it's equivalent to 48 lbs of fat per year extra burned / not gained. Can you imagine that? 48lbs of body fat lost (or not gained) just by changing what you drink.

Even if you think you don't drink 4 cokes a day, one can a day replaced by regular green tea will lose you 12lbs a year.

And what if you prefer fruit juice thinking that's healthier than coke? In fact Tropicana Orange juice and Sun Ripe Apple juice contain 10% and 20% MORE calories than coke, so the saving would be greater. Now do you see why switching what you're drinking to a thermogenesis-inducing drink can be so valuable?

2. Replace 2 sodas / fruit juices per day with ice cold water - Ice cold water forces your body to burn energy to return to regular body temperature.

Calorie saving replacing 2 cokes with 2 glasses ice cold water: 194 cals
If you do this every day, it's equivalent to 21lbs of fat per year extra burned / not gained.

3. Develop a taste for spicy, low fat foods:- Cayenne Pepper and mustard are two foods that boost metabolism... SERIOUSLY. Try my suggestions of creamy or vinaigrette mustard dressings, and replace calorie rich croutons or bacon bits on salads with toasted mustard seeds - delicious & calorie burning!

Just be careful with chili and curry dishes. Most are made with lots of vegetable or dairy fat. Although you'll get some benefit from the cayenne, you'll undo all your good work with the calories from the dish itself.

Foods that boost metabolism can add serious momentum to your weight loss program. They're one of the items that a coach can really help you to add into your diet. If you'd like to know more about our comprehensive coaching program, click here...

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