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What Exactly is Metabolism?
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If you're facing a battle with your weight, this site is for you... No matter where in the world you live, you're not alone if you're having trouble controlling your body weight.

All that's about to change!

Since 2003 I've coached more than 300 people one-to-one to help them lose some SERIOUS weight and I've compiled everything I've learned from more than 2,500 consultations and coaching sessions on this website.

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Weight-Coach's Weight Loss BLOG
Nutritional research and technology is always changing - The Weight-Coach's Weight Loss Blog keeps you up to date with all the latest! Subscribe here.
Professional Coaching for Life-changing Weight Loss
Weight Loss Coaching - THE proven shortcut to success - up to 30 times more chance of success than home-made diets
Weight Loss Motivation for Serious Success
Large selection of stories to inspire, coaching tips for weight loss motivation high and before and after pictures
Diets dilemma? What’s best for me?
Find exactly the right diets for you & share your experiences - good or bad - with others
What EXACTLY is Metabolism? And how can you can increase it
Blamed for so much weight gain anguish, what exactly is metabolism & more importantly how can you kickstart yours to give phenomenal results?
Underactive Thyroid: My Tips For Losing Weight
Professional Weight Loss Coach, Will Dugdale's down-to-earth tips for underactive thyroid sufferers.
Do I qualify for obesity? How heavy do you have to be?
Fat busting Apple Cider Vinegar & Mustard Dressing
Fat busting Apple Cider Vinegar & Mustard Dressing
How to use Cayenne Pepper to boost your metabolism
Cayenne pepper has been proved to boost metabolism, inhibit cancer and cleanse the liver. How do you take advantage?
Mustard - The fat-buster on your dinner table
Mustard is more than it seems! Far from just being the accompaniment to burgers and hot dogs, mustard has been shown to have huge health benefits, not least of which is that it boosts metabolism.
Green Tea For Weight Loss
Already accorded "superfood" status green tea is phenomenally good for you, finally ... here's how to green tea for weight loss each and every day.
Yerba Mate - Metabolism booster
Yerba Mate has been proven effective as a thermogenic - a substance that stimulates heat production in the body and burns calories in the process.
The Atkins Diet
In the last 40 years the Atkins Diet has swept across the whole world. How can you follow it and how effective is it?
Atkins Diet FAQs & Research
Ever wondered if the Atkins diet is scientifically justified? Is it more effective than other diets or even safe for you? All the answers are here!
My take on the Atkins Diet...
Many of the principles of the Atkins Diet have revolutionised the way we look at our diets. Here's a breakdown of the positives and negatives of the Atkins program as I see it.
WeightWatchers FAQs & Research
What reliable research is there on the WeightWatchers program? Use this summary to help you to decide whether it's the program for you.
The Weight Watchers Diet - My take...
As the World's most popular weight loss program, the Weight Watchers Diet comes in for its fair share of criticism. Is it justified - this is my take on it
Calories Burned in Exercise
calories burned in exercise
WeightLoss Coach - About Me...
My story - how I turned my story of weightloss into a passion for helping others ...
Jenny Craig's review of Jenny Craig weight loss program. What does it involve? How does it work? How much does it cost?
The Jenny Craig Diet - My take ...
Used by millions, criticized by many for being costly, I feel the Jenny Craig Diet is good in many ways, but essentially cautious and conservative.
What is the Herbalife program, how does it work and is it any good? How would I follow it?
Weight Loss Links
Links to useful weight loss resources - all the most useful pages and websites you'll find on the net...
The Herbalife program: My take...
I'm quite a fan of the Herbalife Program and philosophy - it's not perfect, but offers great nutrition without hunger.
The Jenny Craig Program - What the research says...
Expert advice and research on the Jenny Craig Program
The Best Weight Maintenance Plan I know
This foolproof method of weight maintenance works no matter how you've lost your weight.
Firm muscle tissue burns calories
What's the connection between muscle tissue & metabolism and how do you lose fat AND increase your all-important muscle tissue?
What's the best exercise for weight loss?
"What's the best exercise for weight loss" is one of the most common questions I get asked when I'm coaching a new client. There are two answers. Click here to read them...
Interval training for weight loss
Interval training for weight loss: Sounds complicated, but really it isn't. Scientists have proven that intervals in your aerobic exercise increases fat loss over the following 24 hours
Foods That Boost Metabolism
Food isn't all calorie laden - there are some foods that boost metabolism. What are they and how can you benefit?
Body Mass Index
What is Body Mass Index? How is it Calculated? and what does your BMI mean?
Mustard Seeds
Mustard seeds burn calories so they help you to lose weight because they're thermogenic - causing your body to burn calories!
Waist to Hip Ratio
Waist to hip ratio has been proven to be the best way to judge whether your body weight is a danger to your health. Simple to do, all you need is a tape measure and calculator. All is explained here.
Hip to Waist Ratio
Hip to waist ratio has been proven to be the best way to judge whether your body weight is a danger to your health. It's simple to calculate, all you need is a tape measure and calculator. All is expl
Green Tea Weight Loss
Did you know that replacing 4 sodas a day (or 4 fruit juices) with 4 cups of green tea would lose you 49lbs a year? Green tea burns calories! Here's a brand that actually tastes good!
How to Lose Weight: The Six Master Steps
In my first 5 years as a weight loss coach I've helped 300+ discover how to lose weight. For me there are 6 Master Steps. See if they help you!
The Best Weight Loss Recipes I've Found
My top weight loss recipes - an ever growing list of utterly delicious recipes for the weight watcher!
Weight Loss Questions
The Answers to All Your Weight Loss Questions Are Right Here!
The 6 Question Weight Loss Survey
This is a survey to register for a free 15 minute consultation with Weight Coach William John
Contribute to Weight Loss
Would you like to share your knowledge about weight loss? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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