Yerba Mate - Metabolism Booster

Yerba mate is a plant found originally in South America. It's a member of the holly family that is traditionally steeped in boiling water to produce a potent beverage. It's commonly drunk in Lebanon and Syria as well as in South America where it is the national drink of Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

In South America it has also been used for medicinal purposes and it can help you to lose weight too...

How Does it work?

Yerba Mate has been proven effective as a thermogenic - a substance that stimulates heat production in the body and burns calories in the process. For example, if you were to drink yerba mate (or any thermogenic - see also green tea ) instead of coffee you would burn more calories WITHOUT DOING ANY EXTRA ACTIVITY.

It has also been suggested that Yerba Mate can suppress your appetite, and research into this claim is ongoing.

How Effective is it?

Investigations into the effectiveness of yerba mate are ongoing, but early results are encouraging. As a result many nutrition companies are incorporating it into their products.

For weight loss you may be better off drinking green tea, which has similar thermogenic characteristics, but is much less expensive, and more easily available. One estimate of the effectiveness of thermogenic drinks suggested you could burn an extra 135 calories per day.

However, please note that simply consuming a thermogenic drink or supplement is not a weight loss program on its own. However it is an excellent addition to your nutrition and activity program. A 135-calories-per-day increase in metabolism equates to over a pound of body fat burned per month IF YOU SIMPLY DRINK A THERMOGENIC DRINK OR TAKE A THERMOGENIC SUPPLEMENT.

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Additional health claims:

Demonstrated to lower (cholesterolemic),
Demonstrated to protect liver health (hepatoprotective),
Demonstrated to benefit the cardiovascular system.
Demonstrated to protect DNA from oxidation
Suggested for obesity management.
It has also been reported that Yerba Mate tea is associated to both the prevention and the cause of some types of cancers

Source - PubMed ( To read what PubMed have to say about yerba mate, click here.

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