Weight Watchers Core Plan

Weight Watchers Core Plan is the new program that allows you to forget counting your every day healthy foods whilst insisting you keep an eye on those diet-busting snacks.

The foods you can have without weighing or counting are known as "Core Foods". When you start the Core Plan at your Weight Watcher Meeting, you're given guidelines on how to judge when to stop eating these foods which is done relative to your hunger. "Eat three meals a day until you're comfortably full NOT until you're stuffed" is the long and the short of it. For the odd snack you've got your points.

Freedom - why people like the Core Plan

So you're given free rein to eat the core foods until comfortably satisfied which is one type of freedom.The other is that you're also allowed 21 points a week for snacks and other NON-Core Foods.

This plan seems to have come in response to the popularity of diets like Atkins and the Zone which allow you to eat certain foods without restriction, until you're satisfied.

Many of the foods on the Weight Watchers Core Plan Foods list are higher protein foods that you'd be able to eat without counting on Atkins or the Zone.

So the big question is, what are these Core foods?

The exact guidelines and foods allowed for the Core Plan are listed in a booklet you'll get when you start the program, but in brief the Core Foods List is:

* Vegetables and fruits
* Soups (non-creamy)
* Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Potatoes and Grains (Once a day only)
* High Fiber and other cereals without added sugar
* Lean Meats, poultry, fish and eggs
* Fat-Free Milk Products
* Healthy Oils
* Condiments
* Coffee, Tea and sugar-free beverages

Restrictions on red meats - What can I have?

If you're following the Weight Watchers Core Plan you're restricted to red meats and ground turkey and chicken once a day only. Here's a list of what you can have...

Cuts of beef permitted on the Core Plan: Bottom and top Round, Bottom and top sirloin, eye round roast, flank, fillet mignon, ground beef with no more than 7% fat, round steak round tip steak and roast, sirloin steak, T-Bone steak, tenderloin roast and steak, top loin steak and top sirloin roast.

Veal is also listed as a Core Food... but only these cuts... cutlet, loin chop or roast, round steak, sirloin steak...

If you fancy Lamb these cuts are on the Core list... Leg roast, Loin chop or roast or sirloin chop.

All organ meats from all animals are Core Plan foods.

Finally it lists game meats as red meat... Buffalo, Elk, Ostrich and Venison. Buffalo meat burgers are absolutely wonderful... Many people prefer them to beef burgers.

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