Best Weight Maintenance Plan - The 3, 3, 3 plan using Herbalife products

Regardless of how you've lost your weight, weight maintenance will probably be your biggest challenge and your biggest fear will be putting it back on again.

And you'd be right to fear it. Around 1% of home-made diets sustain weight loss and while the results for long term success are better with structured follow up, it's still only about 30% who succeed long term.

You're not at all secure when you've lost your weight. In fact you're sitting very precariously. Research by the National Weight Control Registry shows that fewer than 20% of dieters maintain their weight loss at all.

It's nothing short of a tragedy.

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How to do it:

You've made it! Finally you're at the weight you're happy with, whatever that may be... 125lbs, 140lbs, 165lbs - whatever it is - even if you're a bit higher than you originally thought was the goal* - for this example let's say 140lbs is that point for you.

You've officially stopped losing weight. The next step - weight maintenance - is deceptively easy, but don't underestimate it. Twice a week get on the scales. As this is the 3, 3, 3 plan, you'll be watching to see if your weight goes up 3lbs above your goal weight (143 in our example).

If this happens you swing into action.

Do 3 days of the weight loss program (i.e. 2 shakes per day, only fruit and veg or Herbalife Protein bar snacks and 3-5 cups per day of Instant Herbal Beverage). Be disciplined: if you are, after 3 days you'll have lost the 3lbs again.


Now, to give your body an opportunity to settle down again, complete 3 days of the weight maintenance plan - 1 shake per day, only fruit and veg or herbalife protein bar snacks and 3-5 cups per day of Instant Herbal Beverage.

That's the last 3 in the 3, 3, 3, and it will settle your body down again.

Now let me share this thought with you - supposing you had to do that 3, 3, 3 once a month for 6 days. Would that alone be so bad? Of course not.

And here's what it will give you... Absolute, total and utter certainty that you'll always be in control of your weight for ever more. You'll always be within 3lbs of the weight you're happy with.

That's the kind of guarantee everyone likes!

Enjoy looking great, not worrying about your weight & remember to share the secrets with others!

[* in my experience, most people over-estimate their goal weight - in other words almost everyone reaches the point of satisfaction a little heavier on the scales than they wanted - research has found that women especially believe their ideal weight is 10 - 20lbs below what the medical tables suggest was a healthy weight for them. Beware of unrealistic goals like these.

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