Weight Loss Recipes

I love cooking, no hang on a minute... I LOVE cooking! That's why I'm continually building a store of weight loss recipes that I can share with you here.

I hope you love cooking too. One of the quickest ways to get in shape is to really understand food and to cook for yourself. So take a look at this collection of recipes and use the best ones yourself:

For me, the keys to good fat-busting meals are:
1. Lots of protein (why is protein so important?)
2. A small amount of carbohydrates (why avoid carbs?)
3. Lots of fresh flavours
4. Not too many "Lite" or "diet" ingredients - the more natural the better!
(Who wants imitation food anyway? Not me for sure!)

By the way, why not share your own weight loss recipes, by clicking here!

My Top Selections:

Stuffed Peppers

Tuna steak with oven roasted vegetables

BBQ Lamb steaks

Chicken, pine nut & roasted squash and salad

Pear and blue cheese salad.

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