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My name's William John. Since 2003 I've coached over 300 people one-to-one to regain their healthy bodies and achieve some SERIOUS weightloss!

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My weight coaching journey started at the end of 2002 when I lost weight myself. I was extremely lucky to find a nutrition program that worked for me and more importantly I found someone who was generous enough with their time to call me up each week of the program to teach me what to do AND make sure I was doing it correctly!

I lost 21lbs of body fat and have never gained it back - it has been a permanent change for me and I'm really proud of that!

Through the 11 weeks it took me to lose that weight I changed my eating habits and my whole attitude and outlook on food. I didn't regain the weight because the coaching I received changed the way I thought whilst the foods I ate on the program (and still eat now) changed my body from being a fat-storing machine into a fat-burner.

I want to show you through these web pages how you can do the same.

Firstly I don't want you to feel as though being overweight is all doom and gloom. There are some extremely good weightloss products, aids and information available right for us now which weren't around 5 or 10 years ago - all you need is someone to show you how to take full advantage of them - that's where I come in!

Please use this website to work out for yourself which are good and which are not. Through the reviews of other visitors you'll get an idea as to whether a program or product is worth trying. I hope you'll also find the site to be a place where you can contribute to others by letting them know what is working or not working for you

The goal is to work together so we can get you and as many other people as possible on the path to a slimmer, healthier weight.

If you're currently struggling with your weight, I would recommend my FREE 4 day online video and audio course as a starting point.

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You'll learn:

i) How to do it right so that the weight WON'T come back,
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iii) Which so-called wholesome foods actually pack on the pounds.


The 4 day video and audio course will help you get off to a great start with your weightloss, if you're in that place right now...

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If you truly decide that "this is your time" this website can help you lose your weight AND keep it off.

With my deepest respect

William John

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