Rebounding: The best exercise come rain or shine

You simply cannot beat rebounding as exercise for weight loss. It's easy, fun and very very healthy. You see, the bouncing motion does something unique to your body's cells as you rebound. What you do is give your body and intensive detoxing session, by stimulating your body's lymph - the liquid which circulates your body all day long removing waste products from your cells.

In many ways your lymph system is like a sewage system. You have almost 3 times more lymph in your body than you have blood. It absorbs impurities and removes into the blood stream and from there they are transported to the liver to be processed and usually excreted.

What does all this have to do with weight loss?

Good question! The answer is that many of your body's toxins are stored in fat which isolates them from the surrounding cells and stops them from causing damage. This is fat which your body cannot afford to lose and a major reason why our junk food diets have caused us to become overweight and stay that way.

The only way to get rid of this fat is to remove the toxins first and then free up the fat to be metabolized or "burned off".

Here's where it gets interesting...

The more you can encourage a free flow of lymph around your body the more toxins it can absorb and remove. This is a big secret of weight loss - detox your body so that it stands a chance of burning off all the fat. There's no way your body CAN burn off this fat if it's protecting you from toxins stored within it - it's serving a vitally important role.

The trouble is that there is no pump to move lymph round your body - this is the total opposite set up to the bloodstream which has its own pump which never stops.

It takes physical movement to push your lymph around your body - the contraction of muscles propels it in a circular circuit around your body. Active people have good lymph movement, inactive people don't. Logic dictates therefore that you want to move and be as active as possible, which is where your rebounder comes in.

5-15 minutes per day on the rebounder will give you all the muscle contraction and aerobic exercise you need to whizz lymph around your body. The bouncing motion helps all the movement!

Invest in a rebounder!

I own a rebounder very similar to this one (OK without the girlie "Kirsty" on it!) and use it very regularly. I just love the sensation of bouncing. It gives you a great aerobic workout and strengthens and tones up the biggest muscles in your body - the legs.

So what will you get from a rebounder? Greater muscle tone (which means faster metabolism!), greater movement of the lymph around your body which means fewer toxins, and more fat available to be burned off. A good deal all round!

Rebounders like this are available in most good sports outlets.

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