Muscle Tissue and Metabolism - one of the secrets to weight loss

Did you know ... If you increased the amount of muscle tissue in your body by just 10lbs...

1. Your Metabolic Rate would rise by approximately 140 calories per day – the equivalent of about 45 minutes per day of brisk walking – without you having to even leave the house!

2. If you ate the same as normal (and you’re not gaining weight at the moment), you’d burn a pound of body fat every 23 days (that’d be 16lbs lost per year) without even leaving the house!

3. Since muscle is 22% denser than fat, and because you never find muscle tissue on your body hotspots - waist, hips and thighs - if you had replaced 10lbs of fat with your 10lbs of muscle, you’d look massively thinner from day 1.

Want to burn more calories, even while you're sitting at your desk or asleep? Don't we all...?

One of the secrets of achieving precisely this is to improve the amount of lean muscle mass in your body.

The answer's simple...

Muscle tissue burns calories.

In other words it raises your metabolism safely – forget dodgy stimulant-based diet pills that make your heart race uncontrollably...

Every pound of muscle mass in your body burns 14 calories at rest per day, that's before you start using them in any way. This is likely the reason that your annoying work colleague can shovel more food into her mouth than you and still stay thinner. Don’t you just hate her?

Well, don’t get mad, get even!

Here’s how to increase the amount of lean muscle mass
in your body...

1. Eat a protein-rich diet

Muscle tissue is made out of protein, your body can’t make them out of carbohydrates like pasta, rice or bread. So you need to increase the amount of low-fat protein you’re consuming each day.

In the Western World, where so much of the diet is dominated by high fat red meat and refined carbohydrate, finding low-fat protein isn’t easy to do, but it is possible… on day 6 of my 10 day weight loss bootcamp and you’ll learn exactly how to achieve this with a couple of easy changes to your diet.

2. Do resistance exercise:

In pure resistance terms, the best exercises are weight training exercises. If you use either the machines or the free weights you’re going to firm up and build muscle tone with every visit.

Most women I have coached react negatively when I discuss weight training with them on a coaching call. If you’re the same as my gals, you may be terrified of looking manly or butch, but I have to tell you that this is really not the case.

In women, greater muscle mass shows itself as muscle firmness. Many people think of it as muscle tone – how firm are your forearms or legs? Well they can probably get firmer, and as they do, you’ll maximise the results of a well thought-out weight loss program (see the proviso below about deprivation dieting).

Swimming is my top recommendation for a weight loss exercise, because every movement of your body is restisted by the weight of the water around you. But that’s not all – swimming is what I’d call a blend exercise, because it combines resistance with an aerobic work out. In other words it burns up a good number of calories and firms up muscle tissue.

Cycling is similar, but you’ve got to push yourself – coasting along won’t do much. Although it only works the lower body, that’s where your largest muscles are so increasing muscle tone and size in your legs will give you a healthy increase in resting metabolic rate.

Aerobic gym machines (like treadmills, cross trainers or steppers) do not offer much in the way of resistance training. They’re great for your heart and burn the calories, but they don’t offer much in the way of muscle toning / building.

3. Don’t follow a deprivation diet:

If you cut back on the overall amount of food you eat, you’re going to cut down on protein too. This is a serious risk to whatever muscle tissue you currently have. Because protein is used in essential processes in your body, like repairing your organs, you can’t go without it. If you cut down on the amount of protein you’re eating, your body will break down your existing muscle tissue to release protein. Losing this muscle mass is why deprivation dieting NEVER works. Please don’t do it!

If you’re confused as to what you should do as regards eating and activity, you should sign up for my totally free FREE 4 day online video and audio weight loss program, where all the mysteries about muscle tissue are unravelled..

Each day I’ll explain in detail how you can do the difficult job of losing weight correctly to get results that last.

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And Finally…

I believe the advantages of firming up your muscle mass go well beyond simply burning more calories throughout the day - if you keep your muscles toned through regular exercise, there's no doubt that you also feel like being more active too.

You start to use the stairs instead of the elevator. You don't mind walking every now and then where before you'd have taken the car. Being active is a positive circle it's leads to greater amounts of activity, whereas not being active, on the other hand, is a downward spiral.

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