Day 3: How to Kill Cravings DEAD!

Don't even think about starting another diet before reading this...
"Give Me 14 Days And I Will Show You How To Lose Weight AND Keep It Off For Good - No Matter What Situation You're In"

"With William's help I lost 7lbs in the first 7 days and now I've lost 29lbs. I have so much energy and feel absolutely GREAT!

And I achieved this despite being a polio survivor, paralysed from the waist down and being in a wheelchair - unable to exercise."

Ros Forward, East Yorkshire, UK.

Dear Friend,

        I assume you're here because you seriously want to lose weight...   and I emphasise the word seriously.

        ... In that case I have a story to tell you. It's a story that'll help you lose weight...

        It's the story of how I lost 21lbs of body fat in just under 3 months and have kept it off ever since.

        Would you like to hear it?

        OK, here goes...

        It all started in 2002 when I suffered from a serious injury which left me unable to walk any distance without serious nerve pain in my leg and hip.

        After a few months I had ballooned in size...

        I was on a seemingly unstoppable slide - depressed and over-eating. I couldn't work because of the injury and spent most of my days sitting on the couch watching daytime TV with a succession of junk food snacks in my hands.

        After several depressing months in this situation I became obsessed by dieting - I bought books and read one magazine article after another.

        I started a new diet virtually every week, trying to get myself back in shape.

Fortunately for me, none of those quick-fix magazine diets worked.

        I say fortunately because all that failure made me desperate ... desperate to find the answers to why I couldn't control my eating.

        To give you an idea as to how bad I got - I was gaining weight at a rate of 7lbs per month, which (given my new found discovery - CALORIE COUNTING) I calculated to mean I was over-eating by 24,500 calories per month - OMG!

        Then, one day, I sat down and gave myself a damn good talking to.

        I'd hit the wall - I was going to lose that bulging ugly fat if it killed me.

Have you ever been in that place?

        The place where nothing seems to work?

        Where every diet sounds too-good-to-be-true, but none of them lead anywhere?

If you have then keep reading, because I can help you....

        What I decided was that most of what I'd read in the diet books and magazines simply wasn't effective. What I needed was a whole new approach.

        I decided to forget the diets and think about MYSELF. I figured that with all the diet tips I had, I knew what I ought to be eating, but the problem was with ME - why couldn't I follow a simple healthy low fat and low calorie eating plan?

        Why did I always start the day with good intentions and finish them eating junk, feeling depressed and broken ... and above all FATTER?

It was as if I was addicted.

        If you've been in a similar position, gaining weight steadily and alarmingly despite wanting with all your heart to change, you'll know just how depressed and desperate that makes you feel.

        (... not to mention washed out and moody!)

        I was so desperate that I considered and tried everything I could think of to gain control of my mind, my eating habits and my life. I bought life-coaching materials and attended seminars in positive thinking and success training.

        I studied sports psychology to see what secrets I could pick up there to train my mind for success (- before my injury I had been a competitive golfer).

What happened to me next was truly incredible. In fact I still sometimes have trouble grasping it now.

        After I hit the wall and flat out decided that I was going to find an answer outside of the dieting books and magazines, success came my way in a big way!

        I started losing 7lbs per month instead of gaining it and continued to do that for just short of 3 months until I'd lost the weight I wanted - 21lbs of ugly unwanted fat.

        Here are pictures of me at Christmas in 2002 and then three months later in March 2003.

        Now I know that 21lbs isn't a huge amount of weight compared to what a lot of people have to lose - you may well have a lot more or a lot less to lose yourself - but for me it was everything... and it was depressing...

        But within three short months I had lost all that ugly fat and looked and felt so much healthier that I was virtually jumping for joy everywhere I went.

        And what was the secret that turned it all around? ... and which can do the same for you?

        Well, it was that I found a way to get myself to follow through 100% on all the good intentions and goals that I set myself without getting stressed and turning to the junk food I'd relied on before.

Here's the part that can really help you...

        As you can see from the pictures losing all that ugly weight made a big difference to the way I looked and in a short space of time all sorts of people were asking me what I had done to lose it.

        At first I gave them a short answer, but then when a very close friend of mine asked me to help her lose her weight...

        I said "OK - you're on!". We arranged to speak on the phone at weekly intervals so I could show her exactly what I'd changed.

        She lost 25lbs and looked fabulous and lots of people asked her how she'd lost her weight.

        I was so thrilled that we'd had such good results that I agreed to help a couple of her friends - if they were serious - by sharing my successful formula with them on a weekly phone call as well.

        Both of them lost weight too, and all of sudden I had more requests. You know how it is when a good idea lands on good people - the snowball gathers pace!

        Well that snowball saw me start a small business and I never went back to the job I had before!

In the next 2 1/2 years I built up a list of over 300 one-to-one weight loss clients including a West End stage performer, a Prima Ballerina and an International TV Personality

        Within months I had clients in 4 different continents and charged between £25 and £40 per month for my coaching ALWAYS with an absolute money-back guarantee if they didn't get results they didn't pay a dime.

        After about 20 successful coaching clients - and with my own success - I absolutely knew I could help anyone to lose weight for good, no matter what point they were starting from or what their particular issues were.

        Here are some of the outstanding achievements made by my clients in those first two years:

        My biggest weight loss story to date: Robert Aitken (Kent, UK) lost 135lbs..."William, I first spoke to you just after a heart attack aged 52 ... and now I look healthier and slimmer than my doctor!"

        Valentino dress too big for ever-shrinking bride:
Mel Wright (Marina del Rey, California, USA) One of many brides I've helped fit into their wedding dresses, went from a size 16 (US size 12) to a size 10 (US size 6) to fit into her beautiful Valentino wedding dress. The dressmaker was furious, because of all the alterations that had to be made, but what really mattered was that she looked great on her big day!

        29lbs lost despite being in a wheelchair: Ros Forward, (East Yorkshire, UK) "With William's help I lost 7lbs in the first 7 days and now I've lost 29lbs. I have so much energy and feel absolutely GREAT! And I achieved this despite being a polio survivor, paralysed from the waist down and being in a wheelchair - unable to exercise."

        "I fit into my wedding dress for the first time in 25 years" (Gwen Graham, Scotland) - lost 18lbs and 6 inches off her waist and wrote to me recently saying: "For the first time in more than 25 years I tried on my wedding dress - and it fitted - it brought tears to my eyes!"

        The Life-change "Full Monty" - From "Divorced, Diabetic and Down" to "Dainty and Dating": Karen Venn (Queensland, Australia) started coaching after getting divorced and diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the space of 3 months. Within four months she was 28lbs lighter, dating again and managing her blood sugar levels solely through diet.

* This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Your results may vary.

        And all that happened because the methods I teach really work, and the more experience I got at introducing people to these secrets, the more I knew exactly how to present it to them so that they would get life-changing results.

This is what I focus on when I coach someone to life-changing weight loss...

  • How to avoid the short-term mentality which kills at least 95% of all diets.
  • How to end the "dieting frame of mind" which causes us to obsess about food and think only about what we may be missing out on whilst on a diet.
  • How to make emotion a weapon rather than a curse.
  • How we get ourselves to a point of absolute decision about our weight and eating habits and then how to follow through on that decision all the way til the job is done.
  • Exactly what to eat for each meal in order to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.
  • How to step off the scales feeling like a winner every time (rather than a down & out, depressed loser... I know, I've been there!).
  • Which meal of the day we should "max out" on if we want to lose weight quickly and consistently.
  • What to say to ourselves every time we doubt ourselves that leaves us feeling supported and cared for (rather than upset, angry and desperate)
  • How to survive the bumps in the "weight loss road" - breaking through a plateau and defeating an addiction to trigger foods and comfort eating.
  • How we make weight loss and habit changes PERMANENT.

        My focus on the mental aspect of weight loss allows you to master your mind which is at the centre of the weight loss problem.

        It's a simple and repeatable life-change, not a quick fix - here today and gone tomorrow - which allows you to lose a few pounds before gaining them back faster than you can say: "crash diet"!

To put it mildly, I was blown away by the results that my clients were having.

        By 2005 I had one-to-one clients all over the world, thanks almost entirely to word-of-mouth recommendations.

        I was coaching clients in Australia, New Zealand and the Far East in the mornings, then in the UK, France, Germany and Spain in the afternoons and evenings and then two nights a week I'd get on the phone to clients in USA and Canada, starting with the East Coast and moving to the West as the sun set.

        With all those fabulous stories, I was obviously overjoyed. I was helping people all over the world win their battles with weight and I was being boosted by their enthusiasm.

        I had over 300 documented success stories, and received emails like this one on a fairly regular basis:

"William, I've got to say a huge "Thanks" - I wanted to let you know that we're celebrating a milestone in the Macleod family today. With your help we've reached 75lbs of weight lost in our family alone. You helped my sister-in-law to lose 18lbs, as of today I've lost 36lbs and Catherine (my once-skeptical sister) has now lost 21lbs!

Speaking for myself, working with you as a one-to-one coach has helped me because you really cared in a very nice manner. You were always encouraging, and made me aware that this was for the duration. You never promised any more than was realistic, and praised me when praise was due.

A heartfelt thanks from all of us!"

Neil Macleod,
Vice-President, Scottish Crofters' Association
Agricultural Advisor to The Scottish Parliament

* This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Your results may vary.

        One-to-one coaching was (and still is) great, but I was about to hit my maximum...

After a couple of years, the snowball of weight loss was so big I couldn't cope with all the people who were asking me to help them

        I was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and I had to start turning clients away...

        ... in their ones and twos to begin with and then in larger numbers: I was making 40-50 coaching calls per day to all parts of the globe and was struggling to keep up.

        Having been in the same painful position as the people who were asking for help, I felt awful having to turn anyone away, especially because I knew I could help them, but for my lack of time.

        Just after having turned yet another friend-of-a-client down, they suggested that I should write a book which could take the elements of my coaching to many more people.

        Although it seemed like a good idea, I was reluctant to write "Just Another Diet Book".

        The problem was that I knew the bookstores were full of weight loss books that promise the earth and deliver very little.

        I knew that the rate of success from home made diets based on books or magazine articles is around 3-5% and I just didn't think that I could make the same kind of impact with a book that I was having one-to-one.

        There had to be a better way!

        Then after turning down another referral someone suggested I record a CD coaching course.

        "That's it" I thought - and that's how "14 Days To Life-Changing Weight Loss" came into being...

        ... with CDs I can talk directly to you and it's just as if we were working together on a one-to-one basis, and that's how you get life-changing results.

               The course is designed to be as easy for you to use as possible. You can easily fit it in around a busy lifestyle.

        All you have to do is listen to one 10-20 minute track a day for two weeks. On your way to work, as you pick the kids up from school, or when you're doing your daily chores - everyone can make 10-20 minutes for themselves if they really want to.

        Before I launched the course however I wanted to check that it had the same life-changing effect as my one-to-one clients experience...

        So, half way through the recording process, I sent some early copies out to people who were looking to lose weight or were involved in the weight loss industry.

        Here is a sample of the responses I received:

Dear William,

I have finished the 2 cds you sent which make up the first week of your weight loss coaching, and so far they have been absolutely phenomenal!!

Thank you so much for sending them to me.

I am ready for the concluding cd's if you can please send me those, I can't wait!

Shobha Kriplani

p.s. I've lost 4lbs already and I'm only in my second week !!

* This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Your results may vary.


The CDs have been truly eye-opening for me. They're a powerful combination of nutritional advice and moral support and they've given me a real plan for changing my self-image.

That makes the programme seriously valuable!

I've now lost 25 lbs of fat and added 5 lbs of muscle.

You have helped me mentally and now I KNOW that lasting results are within reach!!!

Thanks so much,

Rob Jones,
Surrey, UK


Hello William,

I've just finished listening to the copy of your CDs you sent through to evaluate. I think they are terrific.

I believe you have filled an area that is missing in ALL other weight loss and weight control programmes, namely the person and their mindset. I also really like the way that you have the ongoing monitoring on a day to day basis.


John Debney,
Owner of

They are 14 days that will change your life - guaranteed...

        (... Read on to see my cast-iron "100% money back guarantee" to give you the confidence you need to give my coaching a try).

        You can listen to 11 of the 14 tracks on a portable CD or MP3 player while you're commuting to work, while you're walking the dog or while you're at the gym...

        The remaining 3 tracks contain Visualisation and Mental Conditioning Exercises just like those used by top athletes to prepare their minds for the stress of top level competition, and you need to be fully relaxed to use them.

        Together they make an unstoppable combination which bring you the life-changing results you're looking for.

        In the space of the 14 days here's what you'll learn:

  • DAY 1 - How to overcome the single biggest enemy of weight loss - your own inner-critic.
  • DAY 2 - How to rid yourself of a food obsession.
  • DAY 3 - How to give yourself a steely "driving force" to propel you to success.
  • DAY 4 - How to make your goal for weight loss so powerful it literally pulls you forward.
  • DAY 5 - The one crucial secret that all successful dieters know and that all diet failures don't.
  • DAY 6 - How to put an end to body hatred once and for all.
  • DAY 7 - How to heal a past hurt that may have caused you to grab food as a comfort or defence mechanism.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's what else you'll learn in Week 2:

  • DAY 8 - The single most important change to make to achieve long-term weight loss (without this you're on a wing and a prayer at best).
  • DAY 9 - The one simple daily routine that kills cravings DEAD!
  • DAY 10 - The one crucial ingredient you MUST have in each meal you eat if you're going to lose weight without feeling hungry.
  • DAY 11 - The secret to avoiding the mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slumps that virtually force you to snack.
  • DAY 12 - How to recognise the world's greatest weight gain food, and then how to avoid it without feeling like you're missing out.
  • DAY 13 - The importance of what you drink on your waistline (... You could lose 20, 30 or even 40lbs of weight per year just by changing this and nothing else).
  • DAY 14 - How to build MANAGEABLE and MOTIVATING activity into your daily routine and then how to guarantee you keep your activity programme for the rest of your life.

Any One Of These Strategies Could Literally Change Your Life...

        When I decided to write and record "14 Days To Life-Changing Weight Loss", I put one condition on myself. I had to give you absolutely 100% the best coaching that I had refined from all the thousands of weight loss consultations I've done since 2002.

        And I truly believe that is what "14 Days to Life-Changing Weight Loss" represents.

Here is what you need to do now:

        We have packages ready to ship immediately. To get yours, simply click on this link and order:

        I know you may well have questions, so before we go on, here are the three most common questions I get asked about my weight loss coaching and the answers:

        Q: What exactly is on the CDs?

With this course you receive a comprehensive and PROVEN coaching session each day for 14 days, which will show you how to overcome the mental and practical obstacles to weight loss.

        You simply put the CD in your player (or of course you can transfer it to your MP3 player or iPod) and I will personally walk you through from Day 1 to Day 14 to show you exactly how to make real and lasting changes to your mind and your body which will lead you to serious weight loss and a whole new future.

        Each coaching session is laid out for you in complete detail.

        Nothing is left out.

        ... And it doesn't stop there. One of the biggest problems most people have with the too-good-to-be-true Weight loss magazine articles, is that they tell you "what" to do, but they don't show you exactly how to do it and make sure it gets done.

        Not here! After explaining each day's activity in full detail I'll leave you with tasks and issues to consider for that day to make sure you stay on track.

        Q: What about my time commitment?

I know you live in the real world and you can't devote every waking moment to losing weight. That's okay because I've designed this course to be accessed in bite-sized 10-20 minute chunks, so you can listen to it on your daily commute or when you walk the dog or take care of your daily chores.

        In other words, it's simple to fit into your daily routine.

        Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's ridiculously reasonable
... especially if you take action today

Click Here to pick up your copy for the discounted price of £29.97     £20.97

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        One-to-one coaching from an experienced coach in any field can be expensive, because someone who has the skills and experience to bring you proven answers to difficult problems is in high demand...

        ...but this is different. With this CD course I have condensed down all the techniques I use with personal clients into an easy to follow plan, refined over years and thousands of weight loss coaching sessions. And ...

        ... because it's all on CDs and I only had to record them once (even though it took me and my team the best part of 4 months to write and record)...

        ... I can offer you this coaching course for substantially less than it would cost for us to work together one-to-one.

        Your cost for the entire 14 Days to Life Changing Weight Loss Course...

        ... is just £29.97
. Plus standard shipping and handling (see below).

... in this initial launch phase of the product, I am offering a 30% discount on the program in return for your feedback on it (I'll send you an email and would be grateful if you could reply... that's all)...

        ... That's right - my 30% discout offer is guaranteed until - or for the first 100 purchasers (whichever comes sooner) the course is yours for the tiny investment of just £20.97.

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        So if you order now it's even easier to fit into your budget.

        What's more...

        ... you're not tied in just by checking the program out because you have an...

...unconditional 100% Money-Back
Guarantee For 30 Days.

        Here's how it works:

        1. Order your 14 Days to Life Changing Weight Loss right now. Your package will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

        2. If, after receiving your course and using it for up to a 30-day period, you are convinced this system is not for you...

        ... simply return the package (in any condition)... and you will receive a prompt refund. Click here for our full refund policy (it's exactly as you've just read!)

My Promise To You...

        I bent over backwards to create the 14 Days to Life Changing Weight Loss Course -- literally pouring everything I know about weight loss into it, and I REALLY want you to be able to benefit from it.

        That's why I have priced it at such a reasonable level and why I offer you the same unconditional 30 day guarantee I have always offered my coaching clients - I want you to order in confidence.

        And we will scramble to get your package to you as fast as possible.

       Our customer service always gets rave reviews.

        My personal assistant, Paula, will oversee the entire shipping process, and you can contact her directly with questions or concerns. (She will contact you, also, with any tracking info she has, so you know what's going on with your package.)

So we're invested in the process of making you happy.

        I want you to feel totally comfortable ordering, even if you're not totally convinced and need reassurance, the guarantee means ...

        You risk nothing
... as long as you give it a try.

        If you have been trying to lose weight and failing, you know you need this program.

        You have seen proof that what I teach works...

        ... supported by testimonials from both men and women from all over the world...

        You do not risk anything by ordering now.

        Your cost is stunningly low, too. Less than a single one hour session with a fitness trainer at my local gym who's probably been fit all their life and has never been in the situation you're in.

        As I said before any one of the ideas on the CD could change your life, just as they have for so many of my one-to-one coaching clients.

        ... and when you have achieved Life-Changing Weight Loss, no one can ever take that confidence away from you.

        You will never be at the mercy of another magazine article which promises magical weight loss without giving you any sort of sustainable program for living life "light".

        Using this system gives you total independence and total confidence...

        ...because you'll know how you did it.


The ball is in your court now.

        It's up to you to make the decision to come aboard, and see what the fuss is all about...

        ... or to walk away, giving in to the nonsensical belief that you can't do this.

        Of course you can do this! The proof is all over this site. Others did it, often with more obstacles and in a worse situation than you're today.

        Think back to Ros Forward, one of my very first clients, who lost 29lbs despite being in a wheelchair

        What you are about to discover are the keys to every successful life-long weight loss story out there in the world.

        You have read about people changing their lives by losing serious amounts of weight.

        Now it's your turn.

        You must hurry...

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        Order now, while you're thinking about it...

        ... and your weight loss success can begin right away.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        P.S. Remember 95% of home made diets fail miserably and end making you weigh MORE.

        According to the statistics, having a coaching element in your weight loss program increases your chances of success enormously (it was the largest determiner of success in some studies).

        I have refined this program ever since I started helping people to lose weight one-to-one in 2003 and guarantee my course with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee for 30 days... you risk nothing by ordering now.

        ... but you must hurry...

        ...the "fast action" discount (explained above) is only guaranteed until the first 100 packs are sold or until whichever comes sooner... so to grab your discounted pack, you must act now.

        P.P.S. I almost forgot to tell you about the UNBELIEVABLE FREE BONUSES I'll send you if you order before (and you're one of the first 100 to order)


        You'll automatically have access to my Life-Changing Weight Loss Newsletter which will keep you informed and inspired to maintain your weight loss.

        After coaching hundreds of individuals one-to-one, I can tell you without a shadow of a soubt that educating yourself on how your body really works and keeping that learning process going is one of the 7 Keys To Weight Loss (you'll learn what the other 6 are on the CDs!).

        Even though you might not know it now, a regular supply of motivating and educational information is exactly what you'll need...

        ... and this is what you'll get with my The Life-Changing Weight Loss Newsletter.

        Previously it was only available to my one-to-one clients as part of their £300-£450 per year coaching package, but I've decided to open this up to my CD coaching clients too.

        I really want you to have every single tool that my one-to-one clients have had access to

        (... please promise you won't tell them!)


        The "Ask-William Online Q&A Service"

        This is a truly personalised service that allows you to get any weight loss question you may have answered by me and my coaching team.

        Again I wanted you to have as close as possible to the exact same service that my one-to-one clients receive...

        Got a burning question ... or just a niggling doubt ... about what you need to do to take your weight loss to the next level?

        ... No Problem!

        ... Simply log on, type in your question and we'll have a personal response in your email inbox as quickly as we can ...

        How often do you you have a question about a product you've just bought which would help you to get the most effective use from it, but you're unsure where to go to ask ...?

        (This happens to me all the time... just don't get me started on banking facilities or high-tech gadgetry!)

        So the next time you want to know what kind of food to eat at your best friend's birthday lunch (without upsetting them or your goals), or want to know which kind of exercise burns the most calories per work-out session, all you have to do is Ask-William!

        It's like being able to pick the brains of a panel of Weight Loss Coaching Professionals whenever you like and as often as you like!