Simple 5 Point Plan to Increase Metabolism

Here are my 5 winning steps to increase metabolism. Simple, but powerful, these techniques have worked for thousands of people over the years... They will work for you too!

METABOLISM BOOSTER No. 1: Commit to regular aerobic activity in the morning on an empty stomach:

Aerobic exercise is most simply defined as: exercise which is not so intense as to leave you breathless. It is one important key to boost metabolism.

If you're not naturally into exercise, don't panic - start with walking, and if you're going to walk (which is the easiest possible exercise to arrange - no sports clothes, no need for gym machines) make a commitment to walk each and every day. 20 minutes of decent-paced walking will get your body into action increase metabolism ... and that you will feel it in terms of added energy, and see it in terms of lost pounds.

And here's the big secret - scientific studies indicate that fat is burned much faster - up to 300% faster - when you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach as opposed to doing the same exercise in the afternoon.

You more adventurous types will probably want to start with jogging in the mornings, but again commit to a certain amount - say 3 times every week come rain or shine – and follow through!.

You don’t just burn calories whilst you are exercising aerobically – the effects of the exercise stick with you long after the exercise is over.

You will find that the point at which you start to become breathless (and switch into anaerobic exercise) will vary greatly depending on your level of fitness. A good guide is to go for lower your intensity if you’re getting out of breath. You should be able to carry out a regular conversation at the same time as exercising aerobically.

William’s top tip: I would strongly suggest you purchase a mini-trampoline for indoor aerobic exercise when the weather is bad. They’re inexpensive, small and great for your health. Click here for details of an affordable mini-trampoline.

METABOLISM BOOSTER No. 2: Interval training - advanced aerobic exercise:

This is a method of aerobic training which is used by professional athletes. It’s simple to do and you can build it into your walking and jogging for maximum effect. Here’s how...

Start your exercise at half of the intensity it would take to make you breathless. Let’s call this 5/10 (5 out of a maximum of 10) intensity. Continue at this level for a couple of minutes to warm up. Next increase the intensity to 6/10 for 1 minute. After that minute, increase to 7/10 for 1 minute. After that go to 8/10 intensity, where you’re close to getting breathless. Finally do a minute at 9/10 intensity where you could only just maintain a conversation without becoming breathless.

Now drop down to 6/10 again for 1 minute to recover. Then start building the intensity levels again – a minute at 7/10, then a minute at 8/10 and one more minute at 9/10.

Now drop back to 6/10 again for 1 minute, and increase the levels again: 7/10 for 1 minute, then 8/10 and finally 9/10.

Now you’re in the final stretch. Starting again from 6/10 do one minute segments of increasing intensity, and finally peak at 10/10 for 2 minutes where you would be hard pressed to carry out a conversation with anyone accompanying you.

This kind of interval training intensifies the calorie burning effects of exercise whilst it is going on, and the increase in metabolism stays for longer after you’ve finished exercising.

Will’s top tip: Interval training like this twice a week for just 20 minutes (either in a gym or the open air) will give you massive results. It's a seriously good use of your exercise time because you increase metabolism for a long time afterwards!

METABOLISM BOOSTER No. 3: Foods that increase metabolism:

In everyone’s daily diets there are foods that increase metabolism. However most of us don’t know which they are and don’t know how to capitalise on this wonderful benefit that nature gives us for free.

Lots of foods are touted as having metabolism-boosting properties, but a lot of it is hype. These 4 are confirmed by real scientists in white coats(!):
1. Green Tea
2. Cayenne Pepper
3. Yerba Mate
4. Mustard

So why is it that certain foods have the ability to increase metabolism? One reason is a natural process in our bodies called thermogenesis. Literally this terms means “heat creation”, and that’s where you’ll find the secret.

These foods force the body to heat up very slightly and the energy that goes into heating the body means you burn more calories and therefore, for that short time, you increase metabolism.

William’s top tip: INSTEAD of fatty foods, replace them with fat-burning options! Just like this:

1. Coffee, tea and sodas with Green tea drinks - more info here!
2. Coffee for an energy boost or alertness-boosting tablets like PROPLUS with guarana drinks and tablets.
3. Mayonnaise and fatty salad dressings with Apple Cider and mustard dressing - click here for a delicious recipe!
4. Bacon bits or croutons on a salad with toasted mustard seeds

more info here!

These foods are all great for your body, because they’re natural and generally low in calories (I have marked with an asterisk (*) those foods which are NOT low / medium calorie), however the benefit in terms of calories burned isn’t that great. Bearing in mind that the average woman is consuming nearly 2000 calories per day, 100 calories per day isn’t as significant a contribution to your weight loss effort as you would like.

METABOLISM BOOSTER No. 4 – drinking ice-cold water:

This is something I recommend everyone on my weight coaching program does for three very good reasons:
1. A consistent flow of water through the body is excellent at flushing the system of fat-hugging toxins.
2. Regular healthy amounts of water help the liver and kidneys to remain well flushed which allows them to work more efficiently. Especially important since the liver metabolises fat!
… and finally …
3. When you drink cold water your body is forced to use up energy to reset its temperature to the optimum body temperature (37°C or 98.6°F). All this heating of the body takes energy and therefore causes calories to be burned – an increase metabolism Yippee!

How much water should you drink? Lots of health recommendations suggest 2 litres (about 4 ¼ pints) per day. Ultimate health “gurus” suggest drinking your 2 litres evenly over your waking hours

William’s top tip:Don't get daunted by the prospect of 2 litres of water. If you're not currently drinking this much, build up gently - half a glass more today than yesterday is fine.

If you get daunted by the idea of drinking 2 litres of water, think instead about having half a glass (125ml / 4 ounces) every half hour. Much better!

METABOLISM BOOSTER No. 5 – Increase your muscle mass:

To increase metabolism, muscles are a big deal!

Of all five suggestions on this page, this one has the greatest potential for giving you a long-term boost in your metabolism.

Now, girls, before you scream at the computer "I want to increase metabolism, but don't want to look like Arnold Scwarzenegger", do not worry! – in your body the reduced level of testosterone (compared with men) means that muscle tissue is firm, toned and lean. Well developed muscle tissue is one thing that your annoying friends have in abundance if they’re the kind of people who appear to be able to eat anything they like without putting on an ounce of weight.

Guys, this is where your natural chemical make up really comes into its own – your body is primed and ready to develop muscle tissue and will respond well to the right diet and exercise regime.

No matter whether man or woman, the effects of having a greater amount of muscle mass in your body is just like having a larger engine in your car – more power and greater capacity to burn fuel. In the human body this means more calories burned - with greater muscle mass, you increase metabolism even when you're asleep - and, thankfully no negative effects on the environment!

So, how do you develop muscle?

The short answer is: by combining resistance exercise with a protein rich diet.

Swimming and cycling are excellent resistance exercises to begin with, after that you should move into the gym and work with free weights. Make sure you pay attention to all areas of your body, but particularly your legs as these are the biggest muscles in your body and probably the easiest to tone up.


This "Increase Metabolism" 5 Point Plan will (after a consultation with your doctor if you feel you need it) give you a energy-burning boost. If you make each of these part of your daily routine you will considerably increase the effectiveness of any weight loss program you are following.

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