How to Lose Weight: The Six Master Steps

"How to lose weight" is perhaps the most talked about subject by people who know the least about it. Whether you’re a doctor or a magazine columnist, a celebrity or a fitness trainer, everyone it seems believes they are qualified to talk about weight loss.

Of course mine is just another voice in the weight loss arena – far be it from me to claim to be the ultimate authority on how to lose weight, but I have had the personal experience of gaining and losing weight. Subsequently, I’ve kept my weight off (since 2003) and have personally coached over 300 people in the meantime to lose weight themselves.

What I call my Six Master Steps to Weight Loss are the culmination of several thousand one-to-one coaching sessions with people desperate to lose weight. I’ve spoken to them honestly about what got them to the state they’re in and have seen in the results of my recommendations the factors which are crucial to success and those that are not.

Here’s my list – click on each one for more information:

1. PERSONAL REASON – Nobody gets results unless they have a compelling reason which is theirs and theirs alone.

2. EMOTION – Your reason will be enough to get you started, but starting is not enough – you’ll get knocked off course unless you add strong emotion. I’ll run you through an exercise tomorrow to redouble your motivation.

3. PROFESSIONAL COACH – Sports teams, singers and top executives work with coaches because they get results. One person caring for another makes miracles. A professional coach will not only teach you what to do, but hold you accountable too – it makes all the difference.

4. ROUTINE – Successes get into a routine that delivers results, failures don’t, it’s as simple as that.

5. EDUCATION – You have to understand your body and understand about food. You CAN eat stacks of food, and still lose weight, if you know how. That education is priceless.

6. ACTIVITY – Rather than forcing yourself to exercise at the beginning, wait until you’re feeling more energetic and confident to add the turbo booster onto your weight loss – a small amount of activity every day.

7. PERSONALITY CHANGE – Long term success stories in weight loss make changes at the level of their personality. Because of this they don’t have to “work” to maintain their results – they have made the changes “natural” – it’s part of their personality.

I like to remember this by the letters underlined:

PR, E, P, -> R, E, A, P

First you do your PREP and then you REAP the benefits.

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