How To Lose Weight Fast - My Recommendations

There's one question that I must confess I hate being asked: "How to lose weight FAST?"...

My coaching specialism is in dealing with long term weight loss by making lasting changes to my clients' associations with food and their bodies through coaching. I tend not to be the right guy to speak to if what you want is a straight up, standard, weight loss program.

If you have a serious weight loss issue, verging on a disorder, then you'd probably be a perfect fit for my 14 Days To Life Changing Weight Loss program. It really does have the power to change your life for good. Check it out here

I do, however, understand that not everyone is right for my style of in-depth coaching. So, if you're looking for a more standard weight loss program, then I have a list of recommendations for you below...

I have made a point of purchasing a number of programs to offer fully researched opinions for you, and here are my top recommendations. Believe me there is a whole load of junk on the market, but these programs pass my tests:

The Diet Solution Program

Based on an awareness of what I call "The Sugar Cycle" The Diet Solution focuses its attention squarely on reducing the large fluctuations in blood sugar that most people go through on a daily basis. This can result from skipping breakfast, eating convenience food and not recognising foods which contain hidden sugars.

Understanding the way sugar triggers fat storage is one of the fundamentals that I have taught my clients dating back to 2003 when I first started weight loss coaching and it plays a major roll in the results I achieve with my clients

Isabel De Los Rios frankly has done a far better job than I ever could of assembling recipes and eating plans that you can use on a practical basis to get started quickly and easily with this approach to weight loss.

Not only does it answer the question "How to lose weight fast?" it also teaches you some vital fundamentals of healthy eating. I recommend it to you highly.

Click here to find out how to lose weight fast. Isabel's introductory video alone is worth a watch!)

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