"Best option for green tea weight loss ever!

“Who Else Wants To Lose Up To 48lbs Per Year Just By Changing What You Drink?”"

Could It Be What You're Drinking And Not The Food
That's Making You Fat?


Green Tea - Perhaps The Healthiest Drink In The World

Imagine if you could lose a SERIOUS amount of weight over the next 12 months simply by changing what you drink. *

Imagine getting a boost from caffeine with health BENEFITS rather than DAMAGE *

Imagine taking a drink with you to the gym that would give you a noticeable increase in the fat-burning effectiveness of your workouts *

... and imagine that all of this could SAVE you money each and every day.

Well imagine no more. Such a drink exists and it can help you burn calories in a healthy and natural way. *

So what is this wonder-drink that does so much to help you burn off fat? *

It's a secret blend of green tea and other botanical elementsthat boosts your body to burn more calories with each and every cup. *

Do you drink 4 cans of coke or some other kind of soda or 4 glasses of orange or apple juice most days?

If you do (and I think that's just about everyone), then I've got some great news for you.

Making a simple switch from those soda and sugary fruit juice drinks over to another drink is a simple habit that can halt or even REVERSE your weight gain.

In my experience of professional one-to-one weight loss coaching since 2003, I've seen that what you drink plays an amazingly important role in whether you're overweight or not.

Almost none of my clients realised how many calories they were consuming in sugary drinks

… do you realise?

If you regularly have sugar-rich drinks like sodas you're adding thousands of empty calories into your bodies every single week.

And it only takes 3,500 unburned calories to add another stubborn, annoying, unsightly pound of fat to your body.

Since most of us are burning far fewer calories than ever before, there's only one place these extra calories end up - in fat cells around your waist or hips.

It's frightening how quickly the sugar from those drinks adds up:

Here’s a list of the number of calories in a can or glass of common drinks:

Drink (regular serving) Calories per serving
Coca-Cola Classic (12 fl oz. can) 146 cals
Pepsi (12fl oz. can) 150 cals
Minute Maid (11.5 fl oz. can) 96 cals
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange juice (8fl oz.glass) 110 cals
Apple Juice (8 fl oz. glass) 115 cals
Sunny Delight Original Smooth (12fl oz.) 130 cals
Please note: to be as realistic as possible I've taken the portion size most commonly drunk - cans for sodas, glasses for juice.

Surprised? I was.

I knew these drinks contained significant calorie levels, but I still remember how SHOCKED I was the first time I did the research and found out just how high they were.

Let’s take the calculation a little further. If you have 4 Cokes at 97 cals per day for a year, you’ll be drinking - just in terms of coke – a MASSIVE 141,620 cals per year.

That’s equivalent to an extra 40lbs of body fat, if you’re not burning it off.

And if you are burning it off by sweating your backside off at the gym, then each can of soda or glass of orange juice you drink out of habit represents extra pounds you could have burned off, but didn’t.

So answer me this question honestly…Are these drinks derailing your efforts to lose weight?

They could be the small difference that’s making ALL THE DIFFERENCE to your weight.

Some facts about weight loss:The average American will gain xlbs this year – and what’s that equivalent to?

Two 100 calorie sodas too many per day.

I hope you can now see that one of the most effective weight-busting tactics is to change what you DRINK!

And what would be the best drink for weight loss?

There's only two contenders in my book. The first is ice-cold water - click here - and the second is Green tea.

I suggest you drink 4 glasses of each per day.

If the whole of the western world would do that and lose 4 sodas or fruit juices along the way, we could kiss goodbye to the obesity epidemic.

The water will cleanses your system and helps to detox and rehydrate you. Hopefully everyone knows that.

And what about Green Tea – why is it so good for us?

        FACT #1 – Green Tea boosts your metabolism by a process called thermogenesis. You don’t have to understand how it works to benefit from this (although if you want to, click here), but here’s the long and the short of it. A study conducted by ….. and published in ….. showed that having green tea 4 times per day will increase your body’s energy burn by 78 calories on average.

       FACT #2 – Ditching sodas or sugary fruit juices per day will save you around 400 cals per day.

       FACT #3 - Add the 400 calories saved to the 78 calories per day burned by your green tea and you reach a grand total of 478 calories per day, which equates to 160,000 calories per year.

       FACT #4 - If you fail to burn those 160,000 calories per year they’ll turn into 48lbs of body fat around your body. Switching off sodas and fruit juices could save you … depending on how many you ditch per day … up to 48lbs of unwanted body fat per year.

And that's only half the good news!

       FACT #5 - Green Tea (also known as Camelia Sinensis) contains a gentle form of caffeine that gives you a lift without wrecking your body like coffee does in high quantity.

       FACT #6 - Green Tea has been associated in scientific studies with the following health benefits:

1. Anti-cancer
2. Anti-heart disease?
3. Etc etc

"How Come I Never Heard Of This Before?"

Well, the researchers who find out all this stuff don’t know how to communicate with you – the buying public – as effectively as Coca-Cola corporation and Pepsi-cola and all the other soda manufacturers who spend billions of dollars a year promoting their products

…without much regard for whether their products have a long term negative effect on the population.

Scientists publish their papers for other scientists to read and review and hope that that alone will change the world. Their best hope is that their proven findings will filter down into the mainstream.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often. And when it does it gets drowned out but the enormous “noise” created by soda companies’ multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.


Of all the drinks containing Green Tea that I’ve tasted, I like Herbalife’s Instant Herbal Beverage the best. It’s got a great taste (which is most people’s problem with Green tea beverages), since it’s available in sachets and pots it’s portable so you can keep it with you anywhere you go.

It’s also a great vitality boosting drink for the gym or other sports events that

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