Sponsored Triathlon For The Dom Pardey Trust 27th August 2008

The BEST thing you can do to motivate yourself to exercise is to enter a sponsored walk / run / bike ride. To remind myself of this fact, I often take part in sponsored events. Here's a report (and some gruesome pictures) from one of them.

By the way - as you can read - it's not about being any good, it's just about making the finish line!

Thanks so much for your support in my fundraising efforts and your (mostly) encouraging emails in the run up to last night's event.

How did it go?

Well I certainly wasn't in the Elite Athlete section!

THE SWIM - Unfortunately whilst treading water on the starting line I dropped my nose clip into the depths of the lake, never to be seen again. That somewhat un-nerved me and ruled out the front crawl altogether - water in the back of the throat makes me gag! Nevertheless I think I was the first across the line of the breast strokers - the other 4 had to be rescued by the safety boats! Not me!

It probably doesn't look it, but that is a look of relief - after the swim!

THE BIKE - when I was overtaken by someone with a basket rack on the back of his bike, I knew things weren't going so well. I did manage to re-overtake him, though... dented pride is a great motivator. Trouble was, after my slow swim he was already a 4km lap ahead of me.

Feeling exhausted after 20kms on the bike.

THE RUN - here came my secret weapon - I'd prepared a special playlist on my iPod to fire me up through the run. If I got the finish line (5kms) at some point during Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven (6th song on the list), I figured I'd have a reasonable time. Since it's a melancholy tune, I thought it would remind me of Dom and the struggle he goes through every day.

Sure enough, as I came within sight of the home straight the moody guitar riff of Stairway struck up. I even managed a little sprint to the line.

Elation - finally finished!

All in all I took 1 hour 38 minutes to do the course. 37 minutes behind the winner, and very firmly in the bottom third of the field.

But competition wasn't what it was about.

Thanks to the 44 wonderful individuals who sponsored me we've raised over £1400 for Dom - a gratifying £15.00 per minute of grueling exertion!

If anyone else has had it in mind to donate, then of course I'd still be enormously grateful.

Just click on the button below to donate via PayPal
... or you can send me a cheque (payable to "Dom Pardey Trust") to 7 Chaucer Close, Windsor, Berks, SL4 3ER

Re-hydration - afterwards it was off to the pub with my two very vocal blonde bombshell supporters and former weight loss clients (Norma & Nikky Myers... thanks).

So there you have it. Now, I solemnly promise that's the last you'll hear about sponsored triathlons... until next year!

Much love to all


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