Coaching - THE Secret to Life-Changing Weight Loss

Numerous scientific studies point to the fact that COACHING and PEER SUPPORT improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off successfully.

One study even found that the simple task of taking a body fat reading each week - and no other advice (which is easily done by taking measurements from specific points around your body) made a significant difference in the weight of people who were motivated to lose it.

Another study recorded two groups of people - one set were given advice sessions with a dietician and then left to get on with their weight loss efforts alone, whereas the other group were given weekly follow up.

No prizes for guessing who did best... The group who were given weekly follow up lost three times as much weight as those left to their own devices.

Click here to read the study in full...

The long and the short of it is that your own accountability is something that you cannot buy no matter how much money you spend, and it is something that you cannot give to yourself. It is only possible when someone else is involved.

Here are the benefits I found when I lost my weight using a program of good nutrition, backed up by telephone support from my coach, Joanne:

1. WILLPOWER - Knowing Joanne would call once a week gave me stronger will power. I didn't want to let her down.

2. UNDERSTANDING - Joanne had lost weight as well and understood my problems - I wasn't alone and that meant a lot.

3. ADVICE - By asking questions I was able to make my eating routine into a habit despite a hectic commuter lifestyle - a habit which has lasted til today!

4. EXPERIENCE - After a particularly difficult week I thought I had hit trouble, but Joanne knew what to do and set me straight.

5. EDUCATION - I really didn't know what was making me gain weight. Joanne told me almost straight away and taught me how to overcome it.

6. CONFIDENCE - Knowing that someone else was dedicated to my goal as well as me made me feel stronger.

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