How to use Cayenne Pepper to boost your metabolism (and burn more calories all through the day)

The latest research into the metabolism boosting properties of cayenne pepper is exciting! The fact that it helps you burn extra calories is only the beginning...

Cooks know it as the ultra-hot spice that gives chilli its bite.

It's also in nearly all curry powders. For a time it was thought to be the hottest pepper around, but that has since been proven not to be the case.

Clinical research strongly indicates that Cayenne Pepper…

1. Inhibits processes associated with cancer initiation and promotion.
2. Lowers the amount of cholesterol in the liver.
3. Protects and improves the function of the Gastrointestinal tract.

Cayenne Pepper and weight loss:

Hot chilli or curry makes you sweat – we all know that, and this raising of the body temperature is one way Cayenne Pepper burns calories and helps you lose weight. The process is called thermogenesis.

That’s not the end of the story, though – the flushing of the it effectively flushes cholesterol from the liver (where fat is “burned”) improves the efficiency of the gut, there are other benefits which can help with weight loss as well.

How to take advantage

Curry and chilli powders are the world’s most widely used spices, so getting hold of it is a no-brainer. Add either to stir-fries, stews, humus, just about anything.

Two words of caution
1. Sadly most curry and chilli dishes in the West are fried and greasy red meat affairs – avoid these! Instead pick fish dishes or vegetarian options in an Indian restaurant, and then only infrequently.

Instead learn to cook some low calorie alternatives yourself?

2. If you are going to pop this spice into your own dishes, be careful… A good rule of thumb to start with is a pinch of the pepper for every two people. If you can cope with this by all means increase the amounts.


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