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"Skipping breakfast - The surest way to ruin your diet"

Far more than anyone predicted, the right breakfast leads to weight loss
"Skipping breakfast will most likely ruin your diet" ...

        but on the other hand... the right kind of breakfast can HELP you lose enormous amounts of weight...

... without ever feeling like you're ON a diet.

        These are the stunning results of recent studies conducted by the University of Texas, the University of Virginia and the National Weight Loss Registry.

        Getting your breakfast right is truly one of the secrets to life-changing weight loss... and yet a huge number of us skip breakfast every single day (virtually committing diet suicide in the process).        

So why is skipping breakfast so damaging to weight loss?

REASON 1: Skipping breakfast causes us to crave...

        From my own experience and from talking to thousands of dieters, it's become clear that we feel our worst cravings mid-morning after skipping breakfast...

        What's significant about morning cravings from a dieter's point of view is that they lead to the worst form of ravenous desperation-eating in the mid-morning when very little healthy food is available.

        I don't know how many danishes and donuts are sold to breakfast-skippers every day, but worldwide it would certainly be in the millions! That's millions EVERY SINGLE DAY and adds up to a heck of a lot of empty calories, and day after day the fat piles on.

        And all for what?

        All for the fact that we skipped breakfast.

What's in my "impulse-buy" breakfast?

Donut ... 200 - 290 cals

Danish pastry ... 180 - 540 cals

McDonald's Egg McMuffin ... 300 cals

StarbucksBlueberry Muffin ... 380 cals

* Most sensible weight loss diets suggest a daily calorie intake of 1200-1600 calories for women and 1800-2200 for men.

Once you've added...

Orange juice (100-180 calories)

Cappucino (75 - 120 calories)

...your little "snack" will probably contain a third of your daily calories... And you'll still be hungry!

        The snack food industry has invested millions in research and development to profit from our mid-morning cravings... and you know as well as I do that it's not fresh, wholesome food we grab when our vision narrows and the snack-attack hits....

        Instead it's a choice between the convenience store or a mad dash into a fast food joint. Yikes!

500-1000+ calories
A "Diner-style" fry up can weigh in at anything between 500 - 1000 calories... OR EVEN MORE.

        What seems so good in the moment adds pounds to your weight in the long run.

REASON 2: Skipping Breakfast makes us more likely to store fat

        ... There's a long debate over whether or not skipping breakfast causes our bodies to enter a "starvation mode", storing away a far higher proportion of the calories we eat as fat after we skip a meal.

        Whatever the outcome of that debate, what is clear is that without the basis that breakfast gives us, our blood sugar levels are likely to be on a rollercoaster: falling during the morning (which makes us feel hungry) and then shooting upwards once we respond by snacking.

What happens next is one of least known, but most significant reasons why the first world's population is overweight...

        Our bodies respond to high blood sugar by releasing insulin to lower our blood sugar level, but we usually release just a little too much insulin and overshoot the ideal level.

        This means that you're then fighting the ups and downs of what I call the "sugar cycle" all day long. And that means cravings and snacking ALL DAY LONG! Yuck!

        How much easier would it have been just to have had breakfast in the first place?

REASON 3: Skipping breakfast causes a "day-long blip"
Breakfast sets you up for a successful day of weight loss

        This is a trend I've seen in every single one of my clients ... and in myself.

        Forget all the nutritional reasons for eating breakfast (and there are lots), getting our minds into the right place to have a sensible day of healthy weight loss should be our number one reason for eating breakfast.

        When they first start a coaching course with me my clients quite often tell me that they leave home in a rush and start their day with a snack or without any breakfast at all.

        One small slip like this has a habit of leading to another and before long we find ourselves sitting in McDonalds with a Big Mac or guzzling down the calories with a bar of chocolate saying: "I'll restart the diet tomorrow".

        That's the psychological danger of not eating a substantial solid breakfast.

        Breakfast is the foundation of our day - we build the rest of our day on top of it.

        If we make a positive, planned and unemotional start to our day in the form of a well-planned breakfast, every eating decision afterwards becomes easier.

        Both the physiological problem of the sugar cycle and the day-long blip are solved when we eat a big, healthy breakfast.

        So the rules are simple - start the day right and we'll finish it right...

        ... start it badly and we rarely recover.

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So what constitutes the right breakfast?

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        What I find when working with my clients is that they often blame themselves for having weak will power when they fail to resist a mouth-watering snack mid-morning...

        ... but the real problem here has nothing to do with will power, it's the missing breakfast that's to blame.

        No breakfast means big cravings.

        Still not convinced...?


        How much more likely are you to choose a salad at lunchtime rather than a pizza or burger if you come to lunch without massive cravings?

        ANSWER - A LOT! That's another reason why we MUST eat breakfast if we honestly want to lose weight.

        So, click here for the 5 key tips!