The Protein Rich Breakfast - The Right Breakfast For Weight Loss

        So, you've got the message so far... People who lose weight consistently and keep it off "for life" have a BIG, HEALTHY and PROTEIN RICH breakfast every morning!

        No more skipping breakfast or having pitiful servings, breakfast is the time of day when it pays to eat more, not less!

        If you've got a hearty, or even greedy appetite, you should be smiling at that!

        The next important piece of info I can share with you is how the "usual suspects on the breakfast table stack up in terms of their protein content:

Protein content of common breakfast dishes
Remember - Protein stops hunger.
Researchers from the UCLA Center For Human Nutrition recommend 25-30g protein per meal

Wheatabix & milk               -        9.5g protein

Cornflakes & milk               -         7.9g protein

Muesli & milk                      -        10g protein

Special K & milk                  -        12g protein

Shredded Wheat & milk      -       11.4g protein

Cheerios & milk                  -         9g protein

Honey Bunches of Oats & milk -   8.1g protein

Frosted Flakes & milk         -         7.0g protein

Frosted Mini-Wheats & milk     -   11g protein

Raisin Bran & milk             -        11.1g protein

2x toast, butter & honey      -       7g protein

Croissant and jam                -       5g protein

Jordan's Breakfast in a Bar  -      2.3g protein

3 protein rich breakfasts that hit the spot!:

These 3 breakfast suggestions prove will prove to you that breakfast helps you lose weight

1. Protein Shake, with fruit & whole grain cereal:
        By adding a protein shake and a piece of chopped fresh fruit, you can turn your breakfast cereal with a measly 7-12g of protein into a colourful, refreshing mega-meal containing a hunger-busting 28g of protein.

        Have one of these for breakfast and you'll be able to make it to lunchtime without snacking or hitting the hunger wall that caused me and millions more to graze throughout the morning and pig out on greedy lunches!

        I insist that my clients have a protein shake, fruit and wholegrain cereal on a daily basis and that's what I've done almost every single morning since January 2003... and guess what - you lose weight and feel satisfied. This really is one of the secrets of successful long-term weight loss and I advise you to start your day this way too.

        ...It's easy and it WORKS!

2. The 3 egg white omlette:

        If cooked correctly a three egg white and one egg yolk omelette with vegetable filling can be a great way to start the day.

        Protein content: approx 30g

3. Protein-enriched porridge with honey

        Another absolute winner with my clients...

        Add one spoonful of tasteless protein powder to the traditional Scottish breakfast of porridge (rolled oats boiled for 5 mins or microwaved for 3 mins in milk) and you'll have a full-fibre breakfast which supplies a respectable 20.5g of protein.

So there's the proof ...

        ... it is possible to get a balanced breakfast with plenty of protein which will see you through to lunch without snacking and without dying of hunger in the process

        Here's a question for you... if you were to arrive at lunch without mad hunger...

        ... how many fewer calories would you consume at lunch?

        Answer... a lot

        So don't just read this - go ahead and do it!

Have a big, protein rich breakfast each and every day and it'll take you a huge distance towards Life Changing Weight Loss!