The 3 Secrets To The Fat Busting Breakfast:

1. Supersize it (...your breakfast I mean)

        Even if you're on a diet, the one time you SHOULD eat a lot is at breakfast.

        A BIG breakfast helps you lose weight... That's what the research tells us.

        In a series of studies conducted by the University of Texas dieters were given a balanced breakfast of 600 calories every single day and were compared against other dieters who either ate a small breakfast or skipped breakfast altogether.

        The "Big Healthy Breakfast Squad" (as I like to call them!) consistently lost more weight than those who ate a small breakfast or skipped it altogether.

        The reason why is that a large breakfast first thing in the morning reduces your cravings throughout the day, and it's in times of craving that we throw caution to the wind and grab high fat and high calorie foods...

        ... so, no more skipping breakfast OR having pitiful servings!

        Breakfast is the one time of day when it pays to eat more, not less.

        ... but there is one limitation: Please don't simply go to the nearest diner to order the biggest fried breakfast on the menu, thinking you'll lose weight. Your breakfast must be BIG and HEALTHY to see the results in weight loss.

        If you eat junk, your body WILL BE junk.

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2. Pump up the protein:
A breakfast full of protein promotes weight loss

        The University of Texas research (and my personal experience) shows beyond all doubt that a breakfast helps you lose weight when it contains plenty of Protein

        Eating Protein has recently been proven to reduce and then stop the signals of hunger that pass between your stomach and your brain.

        It also serves as the raw material which your body needs to repair and rebuild itself, which is precisely the reason you need breakfast in the first place.

        Some breakfast cereal manufacturers have jumped on the protein bandwagon and have started to incorporate protein into their breakfast cereals, touting them as weight-loss boosters. The level of protein contained within these products, however, is usually extremely low, so be careful not to pin your hopes on these products.

        The next question I am always asked is: "What breakfast foods contain protein?"

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3. An Apple a Day...

        Always include fruits and/or veg in your breakfast to give you valuable fibre which fills you up, and vitamins and minerals which help to keep your body out of the "starvation mode".
Lots of veg and fruit keeps you slim - so start at breakfast

        Think there aren't too many breakfast options which involve large amounts of veggies? Think again! A Veggie Filled Omelette really works well as a balanced start to the day.

        Finally whole grains are excellent stomach fillers which therefore make you less likely to want unhealthy snack foods and they offer excellent heart-health benefits.

        ... just make sure you don't pick up a cereal packet which proudly offers whole grains, and then conveniently forgets to mention the heaps of sugar which are also there.

        Another word of warning here too...

        Beware of fruit juices! The calorie content of fruit juices is remarkable. Did you know that Orange juice has more calories in it than original full-fat Coke?         It may well count for 1 of your recommended 5 pieces of fruit or veg per day, but a glass of most fruit juices offers a very concentrated source of sugar. You're far better off eating the piece of fruit itself. It has fewer calories, less sugar and much more stomach-filling fibre.

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