What's the best exercise for weight loss? - YOUR weight loss!

"What's the best exercise for weight loss" is one of the most common questions I get asked when I'm coaching a new client. There are two answers - a technical one and one for the real world.

The real world answer first, because it's the most important:


I really don't care what it is that you choose to do as long as you love it and isn't tiddly-winks ;-). It's got to be at least a little bit physical!

So if you love walking in the countryside, then go for it.

If you love ballroom or salsa dancing, do that.

Whatever you love and will continue to do is the best exercise for weight loss ... for you!

Even if your exercise isn't that intense, but you continue doing it for years, you're going to burn far more calories that way than doing some flash-in-the-pan exercise that you only stick to for a few weeks or a month.

In every gym in the world you'll find people who are there because they think they ought to be there. They don't really enjoy it and soon enough they quit. The biggest problem gym owners and managers have is the turnover of clients - they come and they go. Please don't be one of these people. That's not the best exercise for weight loss in the long term

I'm serious about this - don't do a certain type of exercise JUST to lose weight. Do it because you like doing it and will be looking forward to doing it for years to come. That's what people who stay slim for good do.

So find what exercise you love doing first.

After you've found what you love, you can get all nerdy and serious about how best to do that exercise to burn fat. As in most things, technique is important!

If you're already in nerd-dom, here's the technical answer:

Q: What's the best exercise for weight loss?
A: It's a combination of interval-structured aerobic exercise and resistance or weight training.

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Interval-Structured Aerobic Exercise:

The best exercise for weight loss: How to burn more calories with less exercise
Aerobic exercise is something you can continue doing at a low intensity without getting seriously out of breath. The interval structure is where it gets interesting. Scientists have proven that your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate than normal for approximately 24 hours after doing your aerobic using intervals. The length and intensity of your intervals are important!
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Resistance and Weight Training:

The best exercise for metabolism boosting: How firming up Muscle Mass boosts your metabolism
Did you know ...?
If you increased the amount of muscle tissue in your body by 10lbs...

      1. Your Metabolic Rate would rise by approximately 140 calories per day – the equivalent of about 45 minutes per day of brisk walking – without you having to even leave the house!
      2. If you ate the same as normal (and you’re not gaining weight at the moment), you’d burn a pound of body fat every 23 days (that’d be 16lbs lost per year) without even leaving the house!
      3. Since muscle is 22% denser than fat, and because you never find muscle tissue on your body hotspots - waist, hips and thighs - if you had replaced 10lbs of fat with your 10lbs of muscle, you’d look massively thinner from day 1.
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