Master your attitude to activity

Your attitude to activity determines whether you will actually follow through and become a more active person

FACT: Being active is a positive circle. It leads to other good things. Whereas not being active, on the other hand, is a downward spiral.

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Don't judge yourself poorly if you haven't been active in the past - making a judgement about yourself doesn't make you more active - it just makes you feel bad. There's only one thing that really changes what you become and that's a DECISION to ACT.

And what's amazing is that you're closer to success than you think. There's not as much difference between someone with a great attitude to activity and someone with a lousy attitude to activity. Nobody is 100% active, buzzy and energetic all the time. We're all slobbish from time to time, the only difference is that active people don't stay in their slobbish state too long. Sooner rather than later they snap themselves out of it and do something (anything) that gets them moving.

Having a good attitude to activity isn't as dramatic and sudden a shift as most people think. It's a succession of little "wins" each day built up over time.

So the real question is "Where can you win today?" What one or two opportunities can you take today to make the day slightly more active than it would ordinarily have been? A short walk in your lunch break... Walking across the parking lot instead of moving your car... Or taking a new exercise class at the local gym. Stringing these tiny "wins" together is the road to success. Start by adding one more per day, then another, and before you know it the process has a momentum all of its own.

Once you switch on your brain to see these opportunities they will pop out at you all over your day. It's kind of like when you buy a new item of clothing, your mind suddenly becomes sensitive to seeing that design and color throughout the day and you spot people wearing "your outfit" all over the place. You didn't spot them yesterday, but they were there all the same. Seeing these opportunities first and foremost and taking some of them (not all of them) is what I mean by having a great attitude to activity.

The Mood-O-Meter - A Powerful technique to
"attract" you to take action.

Seeing the opportunities is enough to get many people started on the road to greater activity. Others take more self-persuasion to get going, and if that's you, I have another technique that can get you going. This is one I have to use myself quite a bit when I'm not feeling like getting off my backside.

I like to call it the Mood-O-Meter...

It's a couple of questions I demand myself to answer, you can do it in any situation, but it works really well with getting active. Here are the two questions:

1. On an imaginary scale from 1-10 (the "Mood-O-Meter"), how much am I looking forward to going for a lunchtime walk for 20 minutes?

Let's say that for you it's a 3. You've had a difficult morning and you're feeling a bit low.

3/10 isn't going to get anyone excited, and you won't do it. Or at least not consistently enough to really see the benefit. So here's question 2:

"How do I make this activity so fun it'll be an 8, 9 or 10 on the Mood-O-Meter? In other words, so much fun that I couldn't bear to miss out on it?"


Think hard!

The answer you'll come up with will be personal to you and you alone, but it will work.

For me the best answers are below, (but please, don't get sidetracked by mine - your answers will be totally different! Nothing can replace thinking this question through for yourself):

My most successful responses:
1. Meeting one of my closest friends to go to the gym or go cycling. We exercise and encourage each other a good bit, as well as catching up with each other's latest gossip. And we always have a protein-packed rich smoothie to finish. Every time's a blast

2. Flipping my Ipod onto my "activity playlist" - all the energy-bursting tunes I love. Even if I'm not in the mood immediately, I can't resist these songs! They charge my body with energy. If you're even slightly into music, you really have to get your top tunes assembled in one place.

3. Listening to my favorite radio show whilst walking or jogging - or if the weather's bad bouncing on my rebounder for the duration of the show. For it's a comedy show every Thursday night, but it could just as easily be a certain DJ you love or a type of music, or the week's movie reviews - whatever turns you on!

I've found this to be an amazingly powerful technique. And the best way to do this is to listen live as it's being broadcast (rather than recorded or by podcast) - that way I have a definite appointment to start and finish my activity, and over time it's become a virtually unbreakable, positive ritual...

Even the Queen of England wouldn't get me at that time on a Thursday evening (sorry Ma'am). My cell phone's switched off and I'm exercising with a huge grin on my face.

Why don't you join me?

Got your attitude to activity right, but not sure what
activity is best for weight loss? Click here to find out

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