Unstoppable Weight Loss Motivation - How do you find it?

Below is my take on how to get UNSTOPPABLE weight loss motivation to achieve your weight loss goals. But before we get to that, I've put together a series of pages which you should also find motivational to get you started and keep you going with your weight loss campaign:

BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES both fascinate and inspire us. Here are some of the best from my clients and colleagues from the Weight-Coach.com program. You can also upload your own before and after pictures to help others get inspired and go for it themselves.

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INSPIRATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS QUOTES: Feast on someone else's wisdom (excuse the pun!) - Hypocrates, the founder of modern medicine said: "Let food be your medicine, not medicine your food" - wisdom that has stood the test of time. Many other classic quotes here too!

MOTIVATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS BOOKS: If you get inspired by the written word, here's something for you - See my best recommendations for weight loss success in print. Please use the resources to envision a compelling future for yourself. Lasting weight loss is possible!

Do you have real weight loss motivation? Not “Sort of want to…”, but “REALLY want to?”

If so that’s great - you're probably the kind of person who would succeed come hell or high water.

Unfortunately not everyone is so driven. If you’re unsure, then read on, because I can help you to make a firm and committed decision. I will show you a technique which will radically improve your effectiveness and intensify your weight loss motivation.

The big myth about weight loss motivation:

If I asked you what is the biggest problem with weight loss motivation – why most people fail to make a committed decision they can stick to for the long term, you might say: “Well people just don’t seem to get excited enough to make long term changes”. After spending years coaching people to lose weight I can tell you that the motivation to get started is not the big problem.

If you’ve got as far as reading this website, you already have enough motivation to get started. In many ways getting started is the easiest part. After all the world is full of people who have started a weight loss program, but sadly very few of them complete their program.

Where you may have slipped up in the past is in failing to motivate yourself after the initial burst of enthusiasm has disappeared. To deal with the bumps along the way in your weight loss story, you must have the emotional strength to get the job done. Here’s how to get it.

Know Your Outcome and Make it Positive:

Compare these two scenarios:

1. Mary wants to “lose” 30lbs and she’s extremely determined.

2. Joanne wants to learn about and then build for herself a world-class health and vitality program which gives her a toned figure that her friends admire and so much energy that she springs out of bed in the morning and has the zip to “wow” her children everyday. She’s absolutely 100% committed to reaching her goal of living an energetic and fulfilled life weighing 140lbs (10st).

Do you notice any differences?

PUT IT ANOTHER WAY: Who is more likely to fail in reaching her goal? Mary or Joanne?

OR, BEING DELIBERATELY BLUNT TO MAKE MY POINT… Who sounds most like you in your last attempt to lose weight?

Did you succeed?

I think most people would agree that Joanne has the best chance of succeeding, and for THREE crucial reasons.

1. Joanne has more detailed reasons.

2. Joanne’s reasons are more emotionally charged.

3. Joanne’s reasons are all positive and attractive.

You MUST harness the enormous pull of an attractive future:

Use an attractive image of the future to PULL yourself forward!

The point that 99% of dieters miss is that if you are to succeed in losing weight, you have to be magnetically attracted to the new you (YOUR OUTCOME). Just hoping to "lose some weight" isn't attractive enough!

The world we live in is so full of opportunities to overeat or eat the wrong foods, that you must focus on a vision of the future which has more power to attract you than anything an advertiser for snack foods can throw at you. Having a more compelling vision for the future than these outside influences is true weight loss motivation

I cannot over-emphasise how important this is. If you focus strongly and regularly on the positive image of what you will be like, your weight loss motivation will not collapse. It will remain strong.

You have to work a little bit to create this attractive image. It’s the first thing I do when I take on a new coaching client – we put together a beautiful, amazing, hyper-attractive image of the end result. It takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to do properly, but, trust me, not going through this process is what condemns most dieters to failure, even before they experience their first day of healthy eating or take their first trip to the gym.

There is a workshop for building this compelling vision of your future in my FREE 4 day online video and audio weight loss program I cannot recommend highly enough that you go through this process. It’s FREE, so click here to get started.

Change Your Language:

The language you use on a daily basis affects your likelihood of success in whatever you are trying to achieve, so make sure whenever you tell other people about what you’re doing you choose your words carefully. Don’t tell them you’re “trying” to lose weight. Trying achieves nothing. Tell them you’re “absolutely 100% committed to a lighter and happier you”. And before they have a chance to comment ask them, sincerely, for their support.

Their opinion isn’t important to you if you’re committed, but their support will be useful.

There are many times in which you have the choice to describe what your doing to other people, but the most important time to get your language correct is when you talk to yourself. Make certain you use committed and powerful language in your internal conversations.

After you spice up your language you will find your weight loss motivation sores. Who would settle for simply “losing weight” when you can instead have “a world-class health and vitality program which gives you a toned figure and a totally fulfilled life at the weight you want?”

Revisiting this image on a daily basis on the way to your weight loss goals is one of the absolute keys to success. Your brain loves attractive, pleasurable ideas and will move towards them almost effortlessly with laser-like accuracy, if you give it a chance.

The Conclusion... Weight Loss Motivation is about ATTRACTION:

Making the decision to go after an attractive outcome is 100 times easier than focusing on giving up your favourite foods or dragging yourself to the gym to “lose” the weight. In fact, isn’t the word “lose” a negative expression?

Do you want to be a loser or a winner? Weight loss classes have to be the only places on earth where everyone tries to figure out how to be the biggest “loser”

Having a compelling, attractive vision of the future for yourself is the first of three critical elements of motivation that I teach my one-to-one clients. The other two elements are:

The power of good questions in determining your weight loss destiny. The right preparation for weight loss.

Both are covered at length in my FREE 4 day online video and audio weight loss program - this is the fastest way I know to find weight loss motivation which will will guide you through both of these crucial secrets to success and give you exercises to get you totally committed and ready to achieve EXACTLY the weight you want!

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